Gallery 2 - Sense of belonging and taking roots into Greater Madawaska (1860-1960)
   15. Grand Falls

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Pirie's potato buildings (am_2347)

Click to enlargeFrederick Pirie Sr. (1894?-1956), who established several businesses in Grand Falls, was the third generation of Pirie who came from Scotland in 1880 and lived in the Tilley region. His parents, William Pirie and Phoebe Roberge (Roberts), lived in Grand Falls. Fred Pirie Sr. was known as the most important potato grower in Canada. Around 1950, he cultivated more than 2500 acres. He was also owner of an experimental greenhouse, a starch factory, a sawmill and a barrel and wooden boxes factory. Fred Pirie Sr. married Adeline Clark from Limestone, Maine. He was successively councillor and mayor of the town of Grand Falls, then a member of the Legislative Assembly for Victoria County. He also served as Minister of Lands and Mines. In 1945, Fred Pirie became a Senator. Since he usually travelled in his private plane at his own expense, he was nicknamed Flying Pirie. His son Fred Pirie Jr. took over the family business. Photo taken around 1950. Lent by the Grand Falls museum.


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