Light Pollution -Lumineuse

Sky & Telescope S&Tel / (NELPAG)

International Dark

Causes & Effects of Light Pollution - helpful tips

Canadian Connection / Centres canadiens:

Big Sky Astronomical Society
Fédération des astronomes amateurs du Québec - FAAQ


American Association of Variable Star Observers Observatoire du Mont Mégantic
The Astronomical League RASC
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Clubs Worldwide!
Club d'astronomie de Rimouski Astronomers Without Borders

Comets / Comètes:

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for astrophysics


Do it Yourself... / Coin du bricoleur:

Plans Dobsonian Double arm barn door tracker
Observer's Chair Chaise pour observations

Education / Educatif:

American Astronomical Society National Optical Astronomy Observatories
Astronomical Data Center National Space Science Data Center
Fermi National Accelerator Lab.

Request a resource (educators, teachers...)

Math Activities for kids ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids
NASA Home Page
SEDS (student-based organization) Heure sidérale! Sidereal Clock to download
NASA TV View of Outer Space from Your Window
Car physics & Newton's law of motion Astronomy for Kids
Apprendre les constellations / Learn the Constellations ESO needs volunteer translators

Magazines, Books , Documents... / Revues , livres , documents...

"Sky & Telescope" Explatorium: Guide to astronomy resources!!!!!
"Astronomy Magazine"  
History of Astronomy SkyNews (our Canadian astro magazine)
Scientific American Space Art... Art spatial...
Astro Alert Astronomy Resources
Night Sky  

Night Skies / Ephémérides

SkyMap Local ISS passes, Iridium Flares
Tonight's skies: N-W New Brunswick, Ca Guide to the constellations (Star maps, mythology...)
Current Sky (Qué Tal?) SkyWatch - Your astronomical alarm clock
Digitized Sky Survey Votre ciel ce soir!
Night Skies! Futura sciences
Sky & Telescope Home Page Solar Eclipses
NASA Space Calendar!!! Tonight's Sky Conditions!

Northern Lights / Aurores boréales

International Solar-Terrestrial Physics  
U. of Calgary (aurora-monitoring programs)

Observatories / Observatoires

Cerro Tololo (Chile) La Silla (Chile)
Space Telescope Science Institute Rachel's new 2010 observatory
Astronomy Program - Asynx Planetarium  
ULUG BEG Obs., Samarkand, CIS

Photos - Photography

CLEMENTINE: LUNAR PHOTOS Space Telescope Science Institute
Space Paintings: Nova Space Picture of the day...
Astronomical Image Library Pictures from the HST
Photos 3-D Pictures of specific celestial objects
Photos- Luc Bellavance (UQAR)


Planet Earth / Planète Terre

Le cratère de Charlevoix, QC
Recent Earthquakes

Space Missions Spatiales

SOHO Nasa: Solar System Exploration
Futura sciences: Live video JPL: Cassini


Stores / Boutiques

AstroMart (Marché aux puces / Astro Swap Shop)  
La maison de l'astronomie (Montreal)
Efstonscience (catalogue)
Orery Store (US, É-U) Beautiful machinical orrery(solar system model) for sale.


Weather / Température

Ca. Weather office! .......................................... Votre température locale!





Interactive NGC Catalogue... + IC & Messier (SEDS)

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