Light Pollution -Lumineuse

Sky & Telescope S&Tel / (NELPAG)

International Dark

Causes & Effects of Light Pollution - helpful tips

Canadian Connection / Centres canadiens:

Big Sky Astronomical Society
Fédération des astronomes amateurs du Québec - FAAQ


American Association of Variable Star Observers Observatoire du Mont Mégantic
The Astronomical League RASC
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Clubs Worldwide!
Club de Rimouski Sidewalk astronomy

Comets / Comètes:

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for astrophysics


Do it Yourself... / Coin du bricoleur:

Plans Dobsonian Double arm barn door tracker
Observer's Chair Chaise pour observations

Education / Educatif:

American Astronomical Society National Optical Astronomy Observatories
Astronomical Data Center National Space Science Data Center
Fermi National Accelerator Lab.

Request a resource (educators, teachers...)

Math Activities for kids ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids
NASA Home Page
SEDS (student-based organization) Heure sidérale! Sidereal Clock to download
Educational material Yuri's Night
NASA TV View of Outer Space from Your Window
Car physics & Newton's law of motion Astronomy for Kids
Apprendre les constellations / Learn the Constellations

Magazines, Books , Documents... / Revues , livres , documents...

"Sky & Telescope" Explatorium: Guide to astronomy resources!!!!!
"Astronomy Magazine" Resources en astronomie
History of Astronomy SkyNews (our Canadian astro magazine)
Scientific American Space Art... Art spatial...
Astro Alert Astronomy Resources
Night Sky "First Light" (new Novembre 2014)

Planets / Planètes

Neuf planètes

Night Skies / Ephémérides

SkyMap Local ISS passes, Iridium Flares
Le ciel - (SAF) / mois Guide to the constellations (Star maps, mythology...)
Current Sky (Qué Tal?) SkyWatch - Your astronomical alarm clock
Digitized Sky Survey Votre ciel ce soir!
Night Skies! Futura sciences
Sky & Telescope Home Page Solar Eclipses
NASA Space Calendar!!! Tonight's Sky Conditions!
Tonight's skies: N-W New Brunswick, Ca

Northern Lights / Aurores boréales

International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Listen to Earth's magnetic field
U. of Calgary (aurora-monitoring programs)

Observatories / Observatoires

Cerro Tololo (Chile) La Silla (Chile)
Space Telescope Science Institute Rachel's new 2010 observatory
Astronomy Program - Asynx Planetarium Mt Pastukhov, BTA 6-meter
ULUG BEG Obs., Samarkand, CIS & Here

Photos - Photography

CLEMENTINE: LUNAR PHOTOS Space Telescope Science Institute
Space Paintings: Nova Space Picture of the day...
Astronomical Image Library Pictures from the HST
Photos 3-D Pictures of specific celestial objects
Photos- Luc Bellavance (UQAR)


Planet Earth / Planète Terre

Le cratère de Charlevoix, QC
Recent Earthquakes

Space Missions Spatiales

SOHO Nasa: Solar System Exploration
Futura sciences: Live video JPL: Cassini


Stores / Boutiques

AstroMart (Marché aux puces / Astro Swap Shop) La maison de l'astronomie (Montreal)
..for Telescope makers
Efstonscience (catalogue)
Orery Store (US, É-U) Beautiful machinical orrery(solar system model) for sale.


Weather / Température

Ca. Weather office! .......................................... Votre température locale!

Grand Isle, Me (Charles Ames' site! Updates... 15 min)




Interactive NGC Catalogue... + IC & Messier

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